Tue 01-12-2020  
horizontale lijn

Dear user,

For reservations, a new (non-mandatory) field has been added : "Place". This allows you to specify additional information for the destination, if a street and number does not give sufficient information on the precise Location.  E.G. G1 = Gate1, etc.

Additional changes regarding bus reservation module for the shuttle Max Mobile port of Ghent and Drongen : now the entry of the destination is simplified by means a so-called "auto complete" in the field "company" when entering a reservation.

Practically: if your cursor in the field "company", then you can complete destination (including street and number, and any precise location - eg Gate 9), Select from a list that starts automatically. This list also changes depending on the first letter of your entry.
Furthermore, all former features were retained.

Kind regards!

Shuttle Reservations

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